About our services

Integrity, Value and Client Satisfaction are attributes brought to every project RealAmerica constructs. Our skilled and knowledgeable staff brings expertise in all areas of construction and works to bring each project to completion on time and on budget.  Every step of the construction process matters, and we demand the best from our people and subcontractors.  Our diverse portfolio of inspired and innovative construction projects includes:










Staying on budget during construction begins with clearly defined and realistic estimation of cost.  This is accomplished by working closely with the development team of owner, designers, architects, engineers, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure numbers line up accordingly and common goals and objectives are established.  RealAmerica Construction offers pre-construction services ranging from design to estimating to scheduling.  Whether our team is hired as the initial general contractor or assumes responsibilities mid-schedule, we work closely with the client to fully understand the vision and scope of the project.



RealAmerica is proud to be an active member and supporter of the following organizations:

• Builder’s Association of Greater Indianapolis

• Greater Fort Wayne Chamber of Commerce

• Housing Colorado

• Indiana Affordable Housing Council

• Indiana Apartment Association

• Indiana Association of Rehabilitation Facilities

• Indiana Commercial Board of Realtors

• Metropolitan Indiana Board of Realtors

• National Association of Home Builders

• One Zone Chamber of Commerce

• The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition


On-Site Supervision

Each of RealAmerica’s Construction Managers have over 20 years of on-site construction supervision experience. Whether overseeing subcontractors, communicating with local authorities or implementing RealAmerica’s Green Initiative, the managers continually strive to create a positive and productive environment for everyone involved.


Construction Management

RealAmerica’s construction management services are instrumental in keeping a project running smoothly. Extensive experience in accounting, scheduling, and document control allows the client to tend to their business while watching their facility become a reality. Regularly scheduled meetings minimize errors and keep the vision of the project in the forefront of the development team.


Green Initiative

RealAmerica believes in creating a cleaner tomorrow by starting today. Our green initiative includes an on-site construction recycling program as well as encouraging the use of recycled content building materials, low volatile organic compounds and low impact construction and procurement practices whenever feasible. It is RealAmerica’s best practice to produce Green Buildings, certified through the NAHB National Green Building Program.


Industry Partners

Finding dependable subcontractors who provide exceptional craftsmanship can be difficult. RealAmerica’s strong working relationship with some of the Industry’s top vendors and contractors has created a bidder’s list of reliable and competitively priced sub-contractors. Developing positive working relationships with experienced subcontractors is just another way RealAmerica works at providing timely and on-budget projects.


Construction Safety

RealAmerica’s number one priority on the job-site is to provide a safe work environment for everyone entering the premises. Employees are required to adhere to all company health and safety procedures, and hired contractors and subcontractors must present a copy of their safety policy manual before commencing work. Our Construction Managers hold certifications in both OSHA safety regulations and first aid. Safety inspections are conducted on a regular basis by both RealAmerica staff and OSHA authorities.