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At RealAmerica, our design services begin with our commitment to quality housing in thriving communities. Our expert architects develop a thorough understanding of your site, setting, goals, and parameters so that our design — from ground-up apartment complexes to historic renovation and adaptive reuse projects — delivers a beautiful, effective result.

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Design & as-built drawings

Our design renderings combine practicality and innovation, and our as-built drawings give you an exact, correct replica of your building.

Site selection, feasibility studies & accessibility surveys

Find the perfect location, understand the best plan of action, and make sure your building is up to code. We anticipate issues so you get better results.

Historic preservation

We work to maintain the architectural integrity and period-appropriate design while including modern materials and standards.

Adaptive reuse

Rather than tearing down buildings full of character, our design team sees the potential in existing sites and modifies them to meet modern needs.

Design consulting services

We work with you throughout the design process, advising you and your team when and where you need it most.


unique floor plans designed by the RealAmerica team

Vertically integrated design

Whether you’re investing in a ground-up property or looking for a partner to help your own team start out strong, RealAmerica has the experience you need for beautiful, functional design.

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