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Fishers Senior Living

Ritchey Reserve Senior Apartments Interior | Real America LLC

New Luxury Fishers Senior Living One of our new innovative housing concepts is a property called Ritchey Reserve in Fishers, IN, designed for a specific growing group of seniors. With the retirement age rising and pensions decreasing, many seniors are unable to simply retire and live in a high-priced condo. Yet based on their income, […]

Award winning senior housing

Hawthorne Hills Senior development | Real America LLC

In recognition of Hawthorne Hills in Nashville, Indiana, RealAmerica Companies is honored to receive the 2016 IHCDA Lt. Governor’s Excellence in Affordable Housing Award for Senior Housing. Hawthorne Hills Senior development provides 57 units in an environment where seniors can live more affordable, productive and independent lives, while aging in a place among family and […]

Housing to be proud of in Brown County

Willow Manor Senior Living | Real America LLC

Forest Hills — 184 Forest Hills Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 Hawthorne Hills — 111 Hawthorne Drive, Nashville, IN 47448 Seniors are drawn to Brown County, Indiana for its beautiful surroundings and thriving arts scene. When the town of Nashville, Indiana asked us to build a senior living facility, we jumped at the chance. Located close […]

A creative approach to affordable housing

North Harrison Senior Apartments | Real America LLC

There’s definitely a ripple effect when a community gets revitalized. In Shelbyville, we found an old, dilapidated school that had been abandoned. It was covered with graffiti, there were holes in the roof, and pigeons had nested throughout the building. We saw the potential in the structure and the neighborhood and rehabilitated the facility into […]