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A creative approach to affordable housing

There’s definitely a ripple effect when a community gets revitalized. In Shelbyville, we found an old, dilapidated school that had been abandoned. It was covered with graffiti, there were holes in the roof, and pigeons had nested throughout the building. We saw the potential in the structure and the neighborhood and rehabilitated the facility into high-quality affordable housing.

Everyone could see things improving and vibrancy coming back to an area that had been fenced off and run down. The project was so successful that the mayor of Shelbyville came to us with a new idea — to bring that same energy to a neglected area of their downtown and put it to use to serve seniors. That opportunity became North Harrison Senior Apartments.

When we take an area that has not been cared for or just not put to its best use, and make it a part of the community, everyone wins. People move in and take pride in their homes, and the businesses around the neighborhood flourish. When we say that RealAmerica is about real homes, and real communities, we really mean it.