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Pillar Awards

Written by Melanie Reusze- COO

Every year, RealAmerica honors the employees that best exemplify The RealAmerica Way with Pillar Awards. Like the pillar in our logo, the Pillar Awards represent the strength that makes our company great. Individuals are nominated and chosen by the entire staff. Congratulations to our 2020 winners!

Leadership Award – John McIntosh

This award recognizes an employee who provides a great example of The RealAmerica Way by showing tremendous knowledge, leadership, dedication, and initiative in every project.

Development Award – Melanie Reusze

This award recognizes an employee who went out of their way to provide the most support to the Development department in order to get a development off the ground and moving forward.

Construction Award – Bill Clay

This award recognizes an employee who went out of their way to provide the most support to the Construction department in an effort to get a development completed on time and on budget.

Property Manager of the Year Award – Sade Hearns

This award highlights the Property Manager’s ability to achieve the financial goals of the property, commitment to customer service, success in team building, and success in curb appeal and resident retention.

Maintenance Technician of the Year Award – Kevin Atkins

This award highlights the Maintenance Technician’s excellence in his/her job responsibilities, experience level in general maintenance, electrical, plumbing, etc., commitment to customer service, and success in curb appeal.

Distinguished Accounting Award – Arlene Baldwin

This award recognizes an employee who is a critical thinker, solves problems as they arise without complaint, is a catalyst for success, and demonstrates exceptional knowledge, dedication, and initiative.

Extra Mile in Compliance Award – Lisa McNabb

This award recognizes an employee that works tirelessly to provide accurate, complete, and timely compliance information, paperwork, and reports, ensuring that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

Financial Performance Award – Hendricks Pointe

This award goes to the Property Manager and Maintenance Team who best understands the importance of staying within their property budget and whose property more than exceeded financial expectations despite any obstacles that arose. This Team knows how to save money while still providing great service to the residents and operates the property in the most professional and cost-effective manner. 

Above and Beyond Award – David Lamb

 This award recognizes an individual or team who performed tasks or services in an exemplary manner, went “above and beyond” expectations, and/or improved the quality of life for residents, employees, and/or a community.

Congratulations to our Pillar Award Winners again for their outstanding work and commitment to our RealAmerica Family!