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Doing things the RealAmerica Way

Written by Melanie Reusze, COO

Our company often talks about doing things “The RealAmerica Way” because our values truly form our business culture. In every decision and communication, we consider these core values, which reflect RealAmerica’s commitment to honesty, integrity, respect, and humility.


We create a positive atmosphere of trust for our employees, residents, and business associates by always telling the truth and being forthright in every aspect of our business.


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles no matter what, both in our internal operations and our external business dealings.


We treat each other, our partners, and those we serve with dignity, value, and high regard for their worth as human beings, neighbors, and community members.


We are open about our mistakes, putting aside ego and judgement, and we choose to empower others whenever we can, regardless of their status or position.

The RealAmerica Way drives everything that we do and is a deep-seated part of who we are as individuals and as a company. We are proud to demonstrate these values in every aspect of our lives and work.